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AVTranz Transcript Cancellation Policy

If cancellation should be necessary, an email notification to sales@avtranz.com is required with the word “Cancellation” in the subject line of the email or you can contact the sales department at (602) 263-0885, extension 1.  Cancellations are effective upon AVTranz’ receipt of email or phone call.

A cancellation fee may apply, depending upon the status of the transcript. 

  • If you have placed an order and AVTranz has not received the audio from either the court or the customer, AVTranz will refund/return any deposit and no charges will apply.
  • If a Sales Order has been created and AVTranz has assigned the job to a transcriber, but no pages have been typed, a $30.00 cancellation fee will be charged.
  • If a transcriber has typed pages, a $30.00 cancellation fee will be charged plus the amount of the agreed per page rate times the number of pages typed prior to cancellation.


AVTranz “On Account” Policy

Law firms “On Account” with AVTranz are not required to provide a deposit prior to preparation of a transcript.  Upon delivery of the final transcript the law firm will receive an invoice for the total amount due.  This financial arrangement is an agreement between AVTranz and the law firm who has been placed “On Account.”  The terms of this financial arrangement are as follows:

  • Credit Limit of $5,000, unless otherwise agreed upon
  • Balance due upon receipt of transcript
  • Payment made by the law firm with a firm check or firm credit card
  • If an “On Account” law firm prefers to have its client pay for the transcript, a full deposit is required prior to preparing a transcript.
  • AVTranz reserves the right to remove “On Account” status from a law firm if payments are not made upon receipt of transcript and proper notification to the law firm has been made.

If you are interested in having your company “On Account” with AVTranz please click on the link below to fill out the form and email it to accounting@avtranz.com or contact our Accounting Department at (602) 263-0885, extension 131 if you have any questions regarding your account. 


AVTranz Deposit Policy

  • All Parties not on Account

Estimates expire 30 days from the Estimate Date.  Transcripts will not be processed until the required deposit of the estimated cost is received.  The amount is an ESTIMATE ONLY. Estimated costs for transcription items are based on the length of the recorded proceeding.  The actual page count, and therefore, the final cost, will not be determined until the transcript is completed.  The actual, final cost may be higher or lower than the estimate provided.

Unless specifically instructed otherwise by you, if you have provided a credit card for the deposit, AVTranz will run that credit card for the remaining balance due if the final page count is higher than the estimate.  If the final cost of the transcript is less than the estimate, a refund will be made to the credit card. 

  • Law Firms on Account

Estimates will still be provided to law firms “On Account” and will expire 30 days from the Estimate Date.  Transcripts for law firms “On Account” will be started as soon as AVTranz receives a verbal or written acknowledgment from the firm to move forward with the transcript.   Upon delivery of the final transcript the law firm will receive an invoice for the total amount due.  Payment is DUE UPON RECEIPT of the transcript.


 Download the AVTranz Credit Application as Adobe PDF

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