As Federal, State and Municipal courts everywhere transition from stenographic reporting to digital audio recording, Law Firms need assurance that a timely and accurate transcript of proceedings can be prepared.  AVTranz is uniquely qualified to provide that assurance.  AVTranz partners with courts across the country to guarantee that judges, lawyers and private litigants receive accurate and timely transcripts. AVTranz has staff with years of experience in producing transcript from criminal, civil, family and juvenile proceedings.  All transcription is performed or supervised by AAERT certified e-transcribers, many of whom have specific expertise in medical, workers comp, bankruptcy and other technical specialties.

AVTranz can create a verbatim transcript from digital recordings produced by any Federal, State or Municipal court or Agency.  AVTranz is also happy to provide verbatim transcripts from digital recordings of interviews, phone conversations, covert recordings and other “open-microphone, multi-party” recordings.

Our legal partners have access to AVTranz' secure, web-based, digital asset management site,  Law Firms can simply upload audio, video, log notes and any other paperwork to the AVTranz secure site, and we will manage the process from there.  The AVTranz site offers the highest speed connections in the industry, 99.9% uptime guarantees, up to 20,000 concurrent users and 24/7 technical support for our partner law firms.   AVTranz will provide you all the support you need to streamline the transcript request process. 

AVTranz offers various transcript turnaround times:

  • Hourly (same day delivery of the transcript – orders must be placed by 2PM  PST)
  • Daily (delivery the next business day by 8am or noon)
  • 3 business day
  • 5 business day
  • 10 business day
  • 20 business day

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AVTranz can also provide E-Reporting services for your arbitration, mediation, interview or deposition.  A professional certified E-Reporter will capture a record of your proceeding with a high quality portable digital recording system.  A verbatim transcript can be prepared in any of the above turnaround times.

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